testosterone enanthate results

Whenever a diagnosis of overdose should be considered the possibility of multiple intoxication as a result of receiving multiple medications (for example, suicide attempt).
Overdose symptoms much worse under the influence of alcohol and other testosterone enanthate results depressants work. Symptoms of intoxication Fatigue, lethargy, depression status and condition of agitation, sometimes irritability, and other dose-related adverse effects are most strongly after the overdose. Available symptoms can be viewed as an overdose if ethosuximide plasma concentration of 150 micrograms / ml.intoxication Treatment in severe overdose in the early shows, washing stomach and the introduction of activated carbon. Necessary to carry out resuscitation to maintain the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


The interaction with other drugs
ethosuximide concentrations usually do not cause changes in blood plasma protivoelilepticheskih other means (for example, primidone, phenobarbital, phenytoin), as not an inducer of enzyme. However, in some cases, may increase phenytoin plasma concentrations.
Reception carbamazepine leads to increased plasma clearance ethosuximide.
The therapy with valproic acid may change ethosuximide concentration in serum.
It is possible that while the use of drugs that have a depressant effect on the central nervous system activity and  , enhanced their sedative effects.
avoid drinking alcohol.

Specific guidance
Particular attention should be paid to any displays of myelotoxicity (eg fever, tonsillitis, adenoids, as well as a tendency to bleeding); in such cases, the patient may need to consult a doctor. To determine the potential myelotoxic effects should periodically blood cell composition analysis (first month, and 12 months later – with an interval of 6 months). If the white blood cell count less than testosterone enanthate results or granulocyte count of less than 25%, showing a decrease in the dose Suksilepa or its cancellation. You should also regularly monitor liver function and kidney. The risk of dose-dependent adverse effects can be reduced, if the therapy is started slowly and gradually increase the dose, and patients taking ethosuximide during or after a meal. If you develop reversible dose-related side effects, Suksilep should be abolished; If drug treatment is restarted, it should take into account the possibility of their recurrence.
be canceled With the development of dyskinesias ethosuximide. In addition, it may be necessary in / diphenhydramine injection.
Preferably, in patients with a history of guidance on mental illness, may develop corresponding side effects from the mind (anxiety, hallucinatory symptoms). In these patients should be used with extreme caution.
If long-term therapy may decrease the patient’s physical activity and interest in the outside (for example, in children and adolescents may experience deterioration in the ability to learn in school).

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery
Even if testosterone enanthate results is used in accordance with the instructions, the reactivity can be changed to such an extent that the ability to drive and operate machinery is broken. This manifests itself more strongly while taking alcohol.
Therefore, patients receiving ethosuximide, should refrain from driving a vehicle, operate machinery and other hazardous activities at least during the stabilization phase. In each case, the decision is made by the attending physician, taking into account the individual reaction and appropriate dose.

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